MATLAB Antenna Toolbox. A Draft     Last Updated Feb. 2nd 2006

The present MoM code supports MATLAB version 7 (2005) only, (32 bits only). The present version is obsolete. The most recent Mom/BEM codes may be found at NEVA EM website

This website contains the following materials:

 The Method of Moments based software called the MATLAB Antenna Toolbox (MAT) for the modeling of basic metal-dielectric antennas and resonators. The MAT uses the Method of Moments, the LAPACK matrix solvers compiled in the MATLAB environment, and the built-in MATLAB 3D mesh generators. The MAT is limited to about 7,000 unknowns (metal plus dielectric). Driven solution with a voltage gap feed, scattering solution, and eigenmode solution are currently included.

 The present software is reasonably accurate for the simple probe-fed patch antennas and cavity resonators. At the same time, it cannot compete with existing commercial FEM/FDTD codes such as Ansoft HFSS or others. The software is applicable to basic antenna configurations when a fast and reasonably accurate solution is required. The MAT is mostly intended for educational purposes and was supported by the NSF CCLI:EMD grant #0231312. This software is a development of the initial work of 2002 (Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB (book)). 

The supporting text includes:


i.                     ten basic antenna application examples (Chapters I-IV)

ii.                   full software description (Chapters I-VII, IX, Appendix A)

iii.                  underlying MoM theory (Chapters V-IX) including the convergence tests.



Chapter I         Introduction

Chapter II        Half Wavelength Patch Antenna

Chapter III       Printed Slot Antenna

Chapter IV       Quarter-Wavelength Antenna

Chapter V        MoM Approach to a Metal Antenna

Chapter VI       MoM VIE Approach to a Dielectric Material

Chapter VII      MoM VIE Approach to a Metal-Dielectric Antenna

Chapter VIII    Effect of Numerical Cubature on the MoM Solution

Chapter IX      Effect of Boundary Conditions on the MoM VIE Solution


Appendix A      Master Code

Appendix B      Antenna Optimization Loop

Appendix C      Dielectric Resonator


 The MAT software and the manual are subject to correction, revision, and extension. The most recent version can be found at this website.

To download:

First, choose which copy or copies of the MAT software you would like to download: this website has several copies of the MAT software; all copies use the same codes, but each copy contains a predefined antenna geometry, and one copy has no predefined antenna geometry. The copy with no predefined antenna geometry is in Chapter 1; if you would like to download one of the copies with an example antenna geometry, please see Table 1 in the Chapter 1 manual (pdf) and note the chapter number and the file name (in the "MATLAB project" column) of the example.


Once you know which file you would like to download, open the link to the corresponding chapter (in the list on the left) in a new tab or window (creating a new tab or window will allow you to easily return to these instructions). Next, click on "Source codes." A list of the examples for that chapter will appear; download the example(s) you want.


When you open the ZIP files, it is not necessary to extract each ZIP file into its own folder; all software is located in one folder within the ZIP file. The downloads include the MATLAB source codes only. Note that the C++ source files are not included in the downloads.

Any suggestions and critiques are very welcome.


Disclaimer: The present MoM code (as of Sep. 9th) does not support MATLAB6.5


Known issue: MATLAB dlls might close inexplicably (version 7.0.4 or a network installation).

If this happens, go to Start/Control Panel/System/Advanced/Environment Variables  and

change or add system variable KMP_DUPLICATE_LIB_OK with value TRUE.

Then restart the computer.

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