Introduction to Simulink

Simulink is a program that runs as a companion to MATLAB, these programs are developed and marketed by the MathWorks, Inc. Simulink and MATLAB form a package that serves as a vehicle for modeling dynamic systems. Simulink provides a graphical user interface (GUI) that is used in building block diagrams, performing simulations, as well as analyzing results. In Simulink, models are hierarchical so you can view a system at a high level, then double-click on blocks by using the mouse to go down through the design levels. This document is a tutorial that was written for the introductory controls theory class at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

An Example

To get you started in using Simulink, this tutorial guides you through a simple example. The point of the example is to introduce you to many of the important concepts associated with Simulink. As you become more familiar with Simulink you will probably want to dig into more advanced documentation, this is not a problem as advanced documentation is available online. The figure below shows the model that you will enter. The model has a Sine Wave block which provides a signal which is integrated. The multiplexer (Mux) block forms a vector signal so that the scope block will display the sine-wave signal IN as well as the integrated output OUT.

Block diagram of first model

The tutorial is split among the following documents;
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