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Local On-line Urban Information System


City Lab is developing a web-based information system called LOUIS (Local On-line Urban Information System), which is based on OLIVER (On-Line ViewER), an open-source viewer supported by MassGIS.   Currently, we are working primarily on LOUIS V (pr. Louis the 5th), which is the LOUIS Viewer.   In the meantime, the inner workings of the full-fledged LOUIS system are being re-written (mostly in Java and C++) according to OpenGIS standards.  The final system will be a fully operational web-based, open-source urban information system targeted primarily to municipalities and other local authorities.  The development of LOUIS has been supported by small grants from towns participating in City Lab’s Hometown Initiative as well as by other support from global project sponsors at our international project centers.  Once the LOUIS platform has been fully developed, we plan to develop specific higher-level applications targeted to individual municipal departments, such as the Roadway Information System shown below.  The LOUIS development schedule will depend on the generosity of our City Lab supporters, but we hope to release the basic viewer (LOUIS V) by the spring of 2008 and a more advanced interactive version, including editing and thematic mapping (LOUIS IV, Louis the 4th) by the end of 2008, to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the Venice Project Center.

LOUIS is being designed to be fully OGC-compliant and it is meant to provide the core functionality to be embedded in municipal information systems that adopt the City Knowledge approach to urban data farming.  For more information, you can download a powerpoint presentation containing additional examples of upcoming LOUIS implementations as well as some diagrams outlining the Road_UISinner workings of LOUIS. 

Current Status

LOUIS is based on Geoserver and it is planned to be based on AJAX technology (similar to GoogleMaps) or on a very light client.  Current development is being carried out on a LINUX server at the Venice Project Center in Venice.  Currently you can already open maps served out from the Venice server, by using a free viewer such as uDIG or the Geoserver’s simple viewer.

The current effort is to provide an “easy” upload feature called PlopMAP for GIS layers and a similar one for datasets (PlopDATA).

An early release is planned for April 2008.


For more questions you can contact Prof. Fabio Carrera, director of City Lab.


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